Purple & passionate


Purple & passionate


This swaddling cloth is passionate and powerful.
Handloom bold, soft, made ethically and sustainably.
100% cotton. 100% hand crafted. 100% safe.
A red purple cotton with a rich blue stripes that run a pattern thoughout the cloth length wise. 

SIZE: 46” X 44”
2 lines of yellow and maroon hand stitching.
Accentuated by a deep green blue 1/2 “ trim.
Unique and soft.

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Designed in collaboration with the women at womenweave.org in Madhya Pradesh, central rural India.
Each swaddling cloths is unique toxic free and delightful.
Each piece is individually made and helps to create a sustainable wage that works towards alleviating poverty while maintaining a rich India culture.

Design your own or simply buy this one.